Friday, August 31, 2012

8 months old (and an outfit)

I don't really do outfit posts anymore because a.) I don't usually wear anything that is worth sharing on the World Wide Web and b.) I usually have portions of Severen's breakfast oatmeal glued to my arm hair. But as Severen and I were getting ready to spend a day in Ann Arbor yesterday I remembered that it was his 8 month birthday (whoah!) and I had on some cute shorts so I thought we should pose for you.

Now, if you actually saw me yesterday you know that I did not end up wearing this shirt. Or the necklace. That's because Severen decided he wanted to try to chew the enamel off of my necklace and I sweat through the shirt in the 10 minutes following this shoot (carrying a 25# boy is a workout). But this is what I was wearing in my mind's eye.

P.S. Isn't the silver ring cool? It is my mom's high school ring. She shares an alma mater with Lolo Jones (fun fact).

P.P.S. Look how little he was when he was 3 months old!


Vintage Ring said...

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ElleSee said...

You look fantastic! Love the rings...and the necklace...and the shirt...and the shorts :)

Wild Tea Party said...

WOAH! He has gotten big looking back at those early photos! You are looking really good Duff - really happy. Being a mum suits you :) And don't worry, we will pretend you had that amazing necklace on all day. Wowsers it's cool.

Emily said...

You both look great!

abigail said...

wow, You look so pretty here! (not that I'm surprised or anything, you just look dam good for having an 8 month old!!) And I'm with you on the "outfit" concept, lol. But it's cute for these pictures, even if it didn't end up being an all day affair. And Severen is HUGE, just like our daughter at that age, it felt like she skipped the newborn phase entirely! But hey, it gives you some nice arms, right!?

aka @GrayDayShop

steph.kelley said...

Oh that blouse! Oh that necklace! You are one stylish mama. Your babe is growing great gangbusters; his head is almost as big as yours! (Meant in the best of ways, not a comment on your own head or anything. Hee hee!) Hugs to you beautiful blonds — xoxoxo

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