Friday, August 17, 2012

Real thoughts from a mom-head

Today I'd like to share some random thoughts I've had in the last few weeks. As a collection, they are a pretty good representation of what goes on in my mom-head every day. I invite you to add your own random thought of the day (mom thought or otherwise) in the comments of this post. Happy Friday!

» I feel totally put-together when my toenails are painted. That is time well spent.

» Can I just go to pastry school? All I really want to do is make biscotti. All Day.

» I want to eat Severen's food. It is better than my food. Chicken & apples for lunch?!

» Please God, let me live long enough to watch Severen grow up. That's all I ask.
» Coffee makes me a better person.

» I could really free up some time if I wore Depends during the day. Huh.

» Taking a baby swimming, alone, is one of the most complicated things a human being can attempt.

» Should I sell my business? Would anyone want to buy it? Hmmm.

» There should be a naptime game show called, "How many things can you do in 33 minutes?"

» I can't raise my arms above my head anymore. Severen has mangled my shoulders. No biggie.

» Coffee makes me a better person.

» Whole wheat chocolate chip cookies are basically scones. So, basically they are breakfast food.

» Could Severen get stuck in the chimney?

» I don't have time to open bags of food on the little dotted lines = kitchen looks like raccoon carnage.

» If I rub my shoulder & close my eyes, I can pretend that someone else is giving me a massage.

» Gas pumps are the dirtiest, germiest things. Ughhh. Shudder.

» Should our family go as the Bee Gees for Halloween? The answer is "yes."

» How long is my hair now? I am honestly not sure. The only time it is down is the the shower.

» It has been almost 8 months since I birthed a gorgeous boy with a toddler-sized head.

» I can't wait until Severen can drink hot chocolate with me.


oh, albatross said...

you are just the most.

F said...

I am with you on painted toe nails. At least I can enjoy those unlike plucked eye brows.

Along with:
- I am always so thirsty when I sit down to nurse. Why don't I just keep a bottle of water by the couch?
- There are certain times of day when you can really see the splatters of milk and spit-up on the hardwood floors. I should probably clean that...
- Will Fern let me get any work done at the farm co-op?

greatest friend said...

I love it. I cant think of anything to add just yet, as my brain is around here somewhere, I just can't find it. Rowan is now 12 weeks and... uuh, what was i saying?

No Carnations said...

I am blowing you internet kisses.

Emily said...

Just lovely :)

Hannah said...

-Someday Coleson is going to stop wanting to wear Superhero t-shirts. That makes me sad!

-Can my kids just live with me forever?

On a side note-NO you should not sell your business, because I am pretty sure you're the best gal for it! You have the most precious shop!

Jean Michelle Miernik said...

Hahaha, I have shared many of these thoughts! And coffee makes me a MUCH better person. Like, going from homicidal to exuberant.

Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

Hee hee! I am so with you on the coffee and whole wheat chocolate chip cookie thoughts! One of my dearest friends, her husband, their baby girl, and their 3 year old son recently spent the weekend with us. Even with a helpful husband--and Andy and I helping out in *very small* ways--my poor friend barely had time to sit and eat food. Every meal she ate was cold (even though we tried our best to get her to eat with us). I was completely exhausted after this short, exhausting (but delightful!) visit, though I barely did anything other than hold the sweet baby a bit, and it gave me newfound respect for what all you moms do!

Aimée - Vint Condition said...

Will my cats ever forgive me for having a baby?

If baby slings are supposed to help me get work done, how am I still not getting work done?

What's the likelihood of raccoons breaking in my screen windows from 1-10 if 1 is screens are like kryptonite to those tiny masked bandits and 10 is they are totally going to break in and steal my baby?

Vivian is just 8 weeks old and I'm blearily looking out at the long months ahead of us simultaneously happy and exhausted.

Wild Tea Party said...

Awh - don't sell your business Duff, you -are- the business! And painted toenails really do make you feel fab, don't they?

My random thought of today: "Could I save time on handwashing my bringing my clothes into the shower with me... hmm...."

Hannah said...

you should know-after i read this post, i trimmed and painted my toenails. i knew you were right.

Marguerite said...

Sorry about the gas Oregon we aren't allowed to pump our own gas -- I never have, in fact -- this suits me fine. Your list was darling. Isn't that nursing time peaceful? The emotions that well up. I always tried hard just to be in the moment in the soft rocking chair -- petting, reading to them, cooing, just being. I gently broke the connection at 1 year with my 3 children (no wait -- with the boys -- our daughter pushed off one day at about 9 months and never returned! She wanted instead to try to chase her brothers).

Do NOT sell your business, please! As was said ahead of me.. you-are-the-business! And you present it so beautifully. I hope you don't change it too much. Really. It's perfect! Perhaps, instead you could find a neighborhood teenager (young woman) to help you somehow -- pay her nominally -- and the relationship built there would encourage a trust that might morph into a great baby-sitting relationship, too!

Unknown said...

Yesterday I thought, "I wonder if I can ask my family to come over one by one and clean my house instead of getting me Christmas presents this year!"

Unknown said...

Yesterday I thought, "I wonder if I can ask my family to come over one by one and clean my house instead of getting me Christmas presents this year!"

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