Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Favorite antique find (not jewelry!)

When I was in Pittsburgh a few weeks ago, my friend and I went to an antique shop one afternoon. I found some jewelry for the shop as well as some 1940s pumps, a gorgeous dress and these awesome cocktail napkins. They are numbered to help keep cups from getting mixed up! They are so well made and the colors are perfection. I double-decker like them. I think you could use them for tea or coffee, too.

Have you been out antiquing/thrifting lately? What is your favorite, recent find?


Anonymous said...

Those are such a good idea! We don't use wine charms as we don't drink so these would be perfect. I think my favorite find of the week was a petit point mother quote framed for my MIL's b day!

Wild Tea Party said...

Sweet as!

I haven't been on a proper hunt in awhile... I'm looking forward to a big vintage fair in two weeks time though. Fingers crossed for good finds!

Brenna said...

I guess I don't really go antiquing/thrifting unless I'm with you...but my new condo has me visiting a "junk store" that has lots of cool things, most of which come from auctions. My favorite, recent find is a leaded glass window. I thought of you when I bought it. I can't seem to upload a photo of it here, though, so I'll email it to you :)

NeatoKeen@Etsy said...

Just found your blog ~ love it and adore these napkins! But then, I'm a Linen Lover :-)

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