Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Dior Barbie and more

Dior Barbie
1910s Barbie
1920s Barbie
1940s Barbie
Montreal, Paris and London "City Seasons" Barbie

The Queen Barbie post was pretty fun so I thought I would share a few more dolls that I found while wasting precious moments of nap time looking at Barbie dolls. Don't judge.

The Dior Barbie!? Perfect. The 1940s Barbie? Appropriately voluptuous with a rad dragonfly brooch to boot. But my favorites are the three ladies in the "City Seasons" series, mostly because their coats and hats are amazing. I'm ready to order a human-sized version of the Autumn in London outfit right now, feathered beret and all. And the Winter in Montreal Barbie looks a bit like Madeleine Kahn, non?

via Wow Dolls


Anneke said...

A friend of mine had that 1910s Barbie when we were kids... If I think back of how we played with that thing my cheeks go sort of red. We thought she looked a bit silly.

Wildfell Hall Vintage said...

oh wowsies! what amazing clothes...Madeline Kahn! you are so right!

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