Thursday, November 29, 2012

Pine cone garland - check!

Remember this post from last year? Well, I finally gave the pine cone garland a try. Severen and I collected some cones (spruce, actually) in our yard and at the park. Then during nap time one day I got out my baker's twine and went to work. I really like how it looks on the mantel. Can I leave it up all year?

I'm also thinking about making some pomanders (thanks for the inspiration, Karen!) to have around. Having a house smelling of clove and orange sounds pretty heavenly to me.


Emily said...

That looks great. I see no reason why you couldn't leave it up as a seasonal garland :) Thanks for the reminder on the pomanders too - gonna make some over the weekend :)

Karen/Small Earth Vintage said... looks beautiful against your gorgeous white fireplace! Love it. (I'm also a little jealous of your arrowhead collection. When I was a child growing up in Colorado, I had a great rock/arrowhead idea where it is now.) I need to get out in the woods and pick up some cones!

steph.kelley said...

Nice and festive! We have up a string of silly flower lights from a flea market—makes me inordinately happy. Everyone needs holiday ornament! xoxo

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