Friday, October 11, 2013

A forest box

A couple days ago, Mr. Jean Jean put on his slippers at 6:30 AM and announced that he was going to make Severen a forest box. I thought that sounded pretty awesome. So I sipped my coffee and waited to see what would happen next. Ten minutes later, we were on the porch playing and having a great time. The easiest things are often the best, for kids and grown ups alike eh? Severen loves this "toy" right now because he is obsessed with his little animal figurines. He carries them around, brings them to me and tells me that they need breakfast, takes them to the park to play, gives them baths at the sink, etc. He really tries to take care of them. And they take care of him, too. The other day he got a bump on his head and he had the tiny raccoon "kiss" it and then he said, "Mr. Raccoon made it feel alllll better." The box is also nice because we can change it up, bringing in leaves and sticks that we collect on wagon rides for example. Such fun.


Wildfell Hall Vintage said...

ummm so so sweet. it reminds me of these "gardens" we made in primary school, we would get a container and fill with moss or a block of earth with grass and then put little mirrors for lakes, twigs for trees and little rocks etc....except one girl clearly had her parents do it as she came to school with an incredible japanese type garden. cheater, I am making a forest box for Wolfie soon as he's ready!

Wild Tea Party said...

This is the best thing ever. I love this. Home made fun is the best.

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