Thursday, October 31, 2013

Little Jean Jean Smurf

The first costume I remember wearing for Halloween was my Smurf costume. Do kids even know who the Smurfs are anymore? I found almost the exact costume on Etsy today (and here is my little mask!) and I laughed because the packaging looks ancient! Ahhhh, remember the days when a "costume" meant a plastic mask and a wee smock? That was all you needed to feel totally decked out for Halloween. Now it seems that kids don't dare leave the house without a wig, some light-activated wands or swords and a full-body suit! I also giggle when I remember how low-tech everyone's decorations were back then. Maybe folks would throw a fake cobweb over the door and put one of those pumpkin trash bags full of leaves on the lawn. Now there are gravestones, moving zombie arms, spooky music playing from speakers, special Halloween lights . . . the works. Just imagine what Halloween festivities will be like in another 30 years!

What is the first costume you remember wearing? Or how about your favorite costume as a kid? Happy Halloween!


steph.kelley said...

My mom made me an awesome belly dancer / Jasmine outfit when I was six or so. Pink veil, gold tiara thing — truly excellent. :) oxoxo

Wild Tea Party said...

Happy Halloween Duff! I spent Halloween in London and it was fantastic seeing all the effort everyone had gone to... I saw some fantastic efforts, including the ghostbusters! We don't really do Halloween in Australia, I've only really gotten into it as an adult sadly. But I do still feel fondly for my vampire outfit a few years back!

P.s. I died so much here seeing the pearls and cheap side exhibitions here. All I could think looking at all this amazing antique jewelry was 'Duff would love this!'

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