Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Art Deco ring design

These artist sketches leave me pining for the Art Deco designs of yore. Just look at the rings! Oh what I would give to travel back in time and visit a jewelry counter. I love the intense structure of the settings and the strong, confident lines. This ring I just listed in the shop looks like it was created using one of these designs.

Images taken from Authentic Art Deco Jewelry Designs edited by Franco Deboni and arranged by Theodore Menten


Anonymous said...

oh happy happy joy joy. I got engaged recently with a ring that is at least 70 years old (it belonged to my fiance's paternal grandmother).

I have always wondered (but never really had the timeto see) what time-frame it belongs in. The only passing reference I have had about the make/history of this ring is when i was in a jewelry store with my aunt the jeweller said "they dont make them like that anymore". But since we were rushing I was not able to ask him to explain what he meant.

The ring I have looks very similar to one of those in the bottom image.
This post is reminding me to maybe make a a few more inquiries about the metalsmith who made this ring long ago (Apparently the logo is deep on the inside).
And the woman who wore it before me. (All i know is that she was a french soldiers wife- & he bought the ring for her after he got back from WW11).

Sorry for the long comment. But you just sparked a fact finding mission.

Emily said...


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Designer Rings said...

The jewellery styles of the past have always inspired future generations. Jewellery designers of the Art Deco, Edwardian and Victorian eras sought to marry the remarkable beauty of historical designs with the unique skills of their age. This tradition is reflected in our exclusive range of antique style rings.

Kelly Rogers said...

These are great examples of original art deco rings. I hope to see more beautiful rings in the future.

Dave Thompson said...

Would love to own a ring like one of these. They are so cool looking, I can only imagine how sweet they would look actually made. Not sure my girl friend would like any other these rings, but if she doesn't I know my mom will wear one. http://www.morganjewelrydesign.com/#!about/aboutPage

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