Tuesday, November 23, 2010

☆ Top 10 Sale ☆

For the first time, there are 100+ items in the shop! These are ten of my absolute favorites. If one of these happens to be your favorite, too, I'd love to offer you 15% off the list price through Friday, 11/26. Just write favorite in your message to me when you head to the check out with one of these items. Thank you!

Note: As these items start to (hopefully) disappear, I'll replace them with other items from the shop. Check back in the next few days to see what is here!


Unknown said...

i see why these are your favs! lovelies all! i'm seriously coveting the ring on the bottom right.

raleigh vintage

Wild Tea Party said...

The white birch necklace.... I'm still drooling over it. Then I saw the Anjou Pear necklace. Confusion!

Anonymous said...

Your vintage jewelry is incredible...love it all!
xx Emily from EL Vintage

Maria Casteel said...

ooh, i really like this sale. good idea!
and i just went and picked up a 1930's pin i've been eyeing for MONTHS :)
happy thanksgiving!!

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