Thursday, November 18, 2010

1932 wishlist | necklaces, etc.

I know your eyes might still be bulging from the ring post, but I had to share a few other jewelry selections from the 1932 Fort Dearborn Catalog. I think the Victorian Revival jewelry (aka "Jewelry in the antique") is especially fascinating.


Wild Tea Party said...

The necklace on the right under the Jewelry in the antique, accurately repoduced page, well, I think I've seen the live thing:

Have a fun time with Lauren!

Anne said...

Holy moley! I want the entire diamond crystal emsemble. NOW.

Unknown said...

Oh wow the last two posts have been amazing. Those rings are just drool worthy. And some of the necklaces, and that first bracelet in the diamond crystal ensemble...i'm in lust. Love your store btw. :)

RockRushIndia said...

This necklace looks nice and could wear this with any outfit.

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