Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What it looks like

When I close my eyes and imagine happy wintry days, this is what I see: hot drinks, cookies, naps, cute boots, something that sparkles, French words, little tins to open and close, old family photos to shuffle through, and walks to the post office - hopefully with a knitting bag full of Jean Jean Vintage parcels to mail! Of course, there is more to include in my perfect days, like chilly morning jogs, sweet nicknames called across the house to/from my hubby, and long soup making sessions. I love those, too, but couldn't find them on Etsy.

Vintage restaurant cups from Anna and Roy
Honey lavender shortbread from Whimsy & Spice
1970s City Stripe turtleneck by Dear Golden Vintage
1980s Ochre knee skirt by Oma Vintage
Vintage leather boots from Adelaide's Homesewn
1950s Royal plume pin from me
Antique pastilles tin from Deborah Vintage
Old photograph from Nana's Vintage Shop
Antique French dictionary pages from Elitas Vintage
Lavender branch pillow by Enhabiten
Vintage wool blanket from Little Byrd Vintage
1930s knitting bag by Adelines Attic


vintch said...

Hi! Your blog and etsy shop are so lovely- I am a new follower and fan:)Those BOOTS in the above post! oh they are so fabulous!

lauren said...

such a great post, i want to do one! can i do one!? it should be a "thing" and we get other bloggers to do one, yah!?

Ada said...


Maria Casteel said...

oh This is gorgeous! thanks for liking my boots :)

Kellie said...

Ooh, everything is so pretty! I love that knitting bag and the old dictionary pages!

Wild Tea Party said...

This makes me long for the winter we just left behind...

A Wild Tonic said...

I love everything about this. :)

Erin said...

Lovely! over the moon my antique French dictionary pages were included...thanks so much!

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