Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Annie Hall cool

Some days, I just want to look like Diane Keaton from Annie Hall. Yesterday was one of those days. I felt really, really great! Then I walked Mr. Jean Jean to his office and as I was crossing campus right at lunchtime, I suddenly felt really, really old. All those skinny-ankled kids with their à la minute fashion trends! By the time I got home, the coolness I felt taking these glamour shots in the morning had preetttty much worn off. C'est la vie! Oh, and sorry about the creepy double-wrist pictures, I know it looks like I am giving myself a fist-bump. But I assure you, I don't do that - even when I am feeling très cool in my driveway.

shoes/jeans/silk shirt/vest || hand-me-downs from Lauren  (I know! I would probably be naked without her.)
hat || antique mall
locket || 1910s Little Beatrice locket with photos and original chain, available in the shop
bracelet || 1930s expandable locket bracelet, antique shop
watch || 1940s Avalon watch, antique shop (and it works!)
ring || my mom's high school ring


HazelxJoy said...

It's a great look - beats the skinny trendies hands down - any day of the week.

Classic will always rule x

Em said...

The locket bracelet is really great. Your original pieces are what Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, and Forever 21 will copy and the kiddies will wear en masse.

lauren said...

honey! baby! muffin! cutie! how could you not feel impossibly cool all day long in this outfit? it's timeless and i DO hope you wore that hat out, please tell me you did!

Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

Adorable! I love this outfit. And as to feeling old, all I have to say is, "oh hush!" Love that crescent moon bracelet, too.

I think you deserve a congratulatory fist bump (or Andy's version, high five yourself) over this excellent outfit.

BaronessVonVintage said...

I think you rock the Annie Hall look even more effortless than Ms. Keaton herself!! love it!

The Thriftaholic (Leilani) said...

You look totally adorable, you shouldn't feel uncool, you have carved out your own look rather than following the masses.

Jewelry is amazing as usual, especially love the bracelet.

Wild Tea Party said...

Don't let the kids put you off Duff, you look fantastic! You're very trendy!

And if the kids are anything like the ones in Aus, I don't suggest looking their ideal of 'fashion'. Can someone please explain why having crop denim shorts so short your pockets fall below the hem line at the front and your butt cheeks stick out the back is attractive? Where is the rest of their pants?

The Vintage Mistress said...

If I was to step foot on my alma mater campus, I would need a bunch of Prozac. You did it in such style ~ fabulous:)

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