Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Swiss and stripes

I love stripes, probably because they make me feel French and lord knows I long to be a Frenchie. I picked up this soft, thin, wrinkly shirt last week and I have been wearing it a lot lately with jeans and sandals. Yesterday, I couldn't resist accessorizing with some pretty antique blue glass. This ring and necklace (headed to the shop this morning!) both feature simulated lapis lazuli, also called Czech lapis. Another Lapis Lazuli substitute that you sometimes see in antique jewelry is called Swiss lapis, which is actually another stone (jasper, quartz) that is dyed dark blue.

shirt || Comfy USA (purchased at Persimmon, for you East Bay gals)
jeans || hand-me-downs
sandals || thrifted
ring || 1930s filigree cocktail and Czech lapis ring
necklace || 1930s Czechoslovakian lapis glass bead collar


Wildfell Hall Vintage said...

a simple red and white stripe looking fabulous with those vivid blues! love it, am a huge lapis fan...

Robin @ Red Line Vintage said...

Love your summery look, Duff! You look like a California gal! :)

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