Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dancing purse

1930s photograph via Vintage Warehouse

Thanks to Christie from 72Studios for sending me a link to this great vintage photograph! The girl and the dress are sweet indeed, but the little beaded purse is what caught my eye (and hers, too). At first I thought it was a Czech glass bead dancing purse, but I think it is too big for that. It is probably a Belgian beaded clutch, sort of like this one in the shop. I bet the color of the beads on her purse matched the floral print on her dress, what do you think?

vintage IN BRUGES 1930s beaded clutch


Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

Oh, I love it! And as a glasses-wearing geek, I can relate to her. I have one or two little bags like that (only not colored beads) from my grandmother...I wonder if they are the Czech glass dancing purses you speak of? I'll have to take a good look at them. (I hardly ever use them as they are tiny, but so pretty!)

christie sproul said...

awww a lovely post emily! I was more then excited to find that photo while browsing etsy and immediately though of your lovely store!


BaronessVonVintage said...

that is the sweetest photo! I'll bet it's a microbeaded purse...and I totally agree it probably matches her ensemble!!

Wild Tea Party said...

Those puff sleeves are something else.

I love little beaded purses but I find on night outs they're simply too small. Mine really don't get the outings they deserve.

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