Tuesday, June 21, 2011

House things

art deco desk lamp, Modish Vintage || receipt clip board, Every Eskimo
shelf with blackboard, Now Vintage || shabby card rack, Every Eskimo
vintage large French pot, Haven Vintage || bottle holder, Every Eskimo
hand dyed pillow, Enhabiten || old mirror, Modish Vintage
kitchen table organizer, Old New Again || wire rack and drinking glasses, Now Vintage
metal locker basket and rustic shop drawer, Haven Vintage

I love these house things. I already bought the receipt board and the white filing thingy for my office.


Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

I love these house things, too! We have an old desk light like the one from Modish, and I also have a card rack a bit like the one you have here...that I need to start using!

oh, albatross said...

so lovely duff, and so glad those pieces found the perfect home! xoxox.

Cindy Rackow said...

Where did you get that lovely swan?

Jean Jean Vintage said...

Hi Cindy! I got the swan basket at an antique mall here in Michigan. If I see another one I'll grab it for you!

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