Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I blame Downton Abbey

I've got early 20th century jewelry on my mind lately, thanks to Downton Abbey. But not even Lady Mary had this necklace in her jewelry box! It looks like a bit of lace suspended on a chain, doesn't it? That is the beauty of very, very fine filigree - in this case, platinum set with diamonds and sapphires. It is a perfect example of Edwardian jewelry, which was light, feminine and romantic - a big departure from the styles of the Late Victorian era (think Cousin Violet).

You can see more great examples of Edwardian jewelry here. Prepare to be stunned.

Photos courtesy of Lang Antiques


Wildfell Hall Vintage said...

oh wowsie, this piece is amazing isn't it? it has that look of draped fabric, mind blowing...p.s. I think I could actually talk about Downton all day...sometimes I do! ;)

Anonymous said...

So beautiful! I blame DearGolden and you for getting me hooked on Downton Abbey. Now it's up to you to find all the drool worthy jewelry for us! Ha ha

HilLesha O'Nan said...

Simply stunning!

Wild Tea Party said...

Amazing. That necklace is mind lowing. I've been a huge fan of Edwardian jewels for awhile, even though downtown doesn't help lol. I have the most stunning right hand Edwardian diamond and sapphire rings, they always attract attention. It's very sad that that most jewelers can't do filigree work to this level anymore due to the skills not being passed on.

Zuhaitza | Tiendas Muebles said...

I can only take my hat off to the impressive roster of talent and skill of the English series. I really hope to continue producing more things like this in the factory yours to the delight of all.
It's just perfect the atmosphere of the time and classes cohabit in it. And then you come to mind the equally wonderful "Upstairs, Downstairs", although old, is still a benchmark.
It's a series for lovers of vintage series, craftsmanship and drama students in our country.

Piscinas Prefabricadas said...

A very well worn out series, with scenes and the only sets. I am charmed with it since they have done everything. In addition the actors are very good.

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