Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Up until about a week ago, there was a tiny antique shop about five blocks from my house here in California. Kind of a dream, I know! Unfortunately, it just closed after nearly 35 years of business. The owner was a spunky woman named Diane who just happened to have an amazing collection of antique jewelry. I visited several times and never left empty handed. The last time I visited I bought two things for myself - a 1930s chalcedony (pronounced kal-SEH-doh-nee) cocktail ring and matching pendant. I love how the stones have a waxy luster and a cloudy semi-transparency. Chalcedony was popular during the Art Deco period, but not as popular as other quartz gemstones like carnelian, chrysoprase and onyx.  I rarely see vintage (blue) chalcedony jewelry on the market so I am pretty excited, needless to say!

There is a pretty faux chalcedony Art Deco ring in the shop here


Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

That necklace is dreamy.

I also appreciate knowing the proper pronunciation for chalcedony even if I rarely have the occasion to say it aloud, because I've been saying/thinking it as "CHAL-suh-doh-nee."

lauren said...

i love how you photographed these with the black negative space, it really sets off the jewelry!

Hodson Jewelry said...

blue is such a great color. :)

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