Monday, August 1, 2011

Les Fleurs

1940s carved bakelite necklace || 1980s sterling calla lily earrings
1950s Peony shell earrings and brooch || 1950s English porcelain nosegay earrings
1930s painted pot metal brooch || 1980s plastic pinwheel earrings
1940s reverse carved brooch || 1950s pansy barette
1950s enamel buckle ring || 1940s rhinestone studded heart locket
1950s felt flower handbag || 1940s needlepoint billfold

Flowers, flowers, flowers. Flowers made from shells, porcelain, glass, and felt. Flowers painted, carved, cast and sewn. I hope you enjoy the biggest shop update ever! I'll be listing all day.

On the topic, what is your favorite flower to a.) smell and b.) look at? How about your least favorite to smell? My favorite flower to smell is Lily of the Valley, favorite to look at is Ranunculus/Bells of Ireland (it's a tie!) and least favorite to smell is the Easter Lily.


oh, albatross said...

ooh you temptress! that carved bakelite necklace is amazing.

Anne said...

Oh my god. Are you trying to make me go into labor?

Anonymous said...

Love the felt bag! My favorite flower to look at is the tulip (yellow) and my favorite to smell would be the Silver Anniversary Rose.

Maria Casteel said...

this is my favorite shop update ever ever ever!

Anonymous said...

That carved bakelite rose is BEAUTIFUL!!

Wild Tea Party said...

Unfortunately, the smell of Jasmine makes my nose run and my eyes itch, so that would have to be my least favorite! But I love the smell of old english roses and Ranunculus are my favorite to look at too!

Loving this girly update!

Soren said...
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Soren said...

Wild daisies ... on the side of the trail, in the woods, by the lake.

Jennifer said...

gorgeous update! I love that buckle ring!

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