Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Seven months for Severen

Severen is 7 months old now and he has a lot to show for it! He sits and plays with the greatest of ease. He can do a baby version of "plank" pose and I think it is only a matter of time until he figures out how to tuck his knees and start crawling. He loves to eat and enjoys three little meals a day at his weaning table. He says "ba ba ba" and "ma ma ma." He is also an accomplished swimmer and pianist :)

But perhaps the most exciting thing that happened this past month was the appearance of his first two little teeth. I was so proud when they came in, which is silly because that is like being proud of him for having an optic nerve or for growing fingernails. He is a human and humans make teeth . . .  I know, I know. It doesn't mean that he is special in any way. But still, I think he did a pretty awesome job of making those teeth.

For an up close and personal experience with Severen and his teeth - 100% guaranteed to make your day better - please enjoy this home video.


Sandy a la Mode said...

ok whoa!! A is always 7 months but doesn't have teeth yet~!! he is close to crawling but hasn't done the plank yet! A is def an accomplished swimmer and pianist too hahaah!!

what a cutie S is!!

Unknown said...

OMG - too adorable!! And, yeah for teeth!

No Carnations said...

Yep, that did it! My day is better : )

Anonymous said...

Good job kiddo! He's looking handsome as ever! Hey, teeth are hard and painful to grow.

Maria Casteel said...

i love your laugh and i miss you.

Emily said...

You're right - that did make my day better! Beautiful pair of gnashers you've got there, Severen :)

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