Saturday, March 30, 2013

We're off

Severen and I are traveling this weekend - our first solo plane trip! We are headed to see this lady and her wonderful little family. Easter was not on my radar when I bought our tickets - shoot! I would have loved to do a little easter egg hunt with Severen! Maybe we'll do one at O'Hare during our layover. But only if we have time after eating cracker crumbs off the terminal floor, checking out the hand dryers in the bathroom and letting e-ver-y-one we see who is drinking a coffee know that they have a "CUHHHP!"

Oh and about this photo. I'm not big on putting kids on the laps of strangers, especially when they are dressed in costumes and at the center of the mall. But hey, it's not about me! And so this happened last week. And it was wonderful. Severen and I were at the mall just running around (literally, we run and jump around and go in shops and say "hi" to people - it's a great outing) when we saw the Easter Bunny Habitat. Severen was delighted. He looked at me like, "Holy s*it, Mom! There is a giant bunny over there waving at me. We've got to check this out!" He went right up to him, climbed into his lap, touched his ears and chattered with him. He did not understand why we couldn't hang out with the giant man-bunny all afternoon. I'm sure they will pick up right where they left off, like old friends, next year when we go to see him again.

P.S. My Easter post from 2011 and last year.
P.P.S. Some photos from our last visit to Kansas City to see our friends.

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steph.kelley said...

I love, love, love the image of you two running around like crazies (or, like two-year-olds!) together, enjoying just BEING together, being energetic and explorative together. Your rendition of Severen's CUHHHP is hysterical; I am laughing like a fool in front of my computer. Just so his reaction to Big Bunny Man — priceless. What a great mom you are to facilitate his worldly adventures. A propos de ca, amusez-vous bien chez ton amie; c'a l'air super bon! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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