Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A new dress ≍ Myrtle

I recently bought this Mary Meyer dress from Myrtle, an LA shop that carries pieces from independent female designers. The shop owner, Whitney, sent the nicest note along with the dress (thank you, Whitney!) The clothes in the shop are gorgeous, smart and designed to flatter women of all shapes and sizes, which is pretty goddam refreshing. Got curves? Great. Small tatas? Great. Ample bum? Great. Somehow it all works out with these clothes. Myrtle is also one of my favorite follows on Instagram, where Whitney shares some snaps from the showroom. It is sort of like getting to see your friends come out of the dressing room and prance around in pretty things. This is where you want to go to shop Myrtle online. Oh! And I paired the dress with a satiny 1940s celluloid trumpet flower necklace, which I trot out a couple times a year.


lauren said...


Anonymous said...

Oh, that dress is like a galaxy! Love it and I love your super blonde hair.

M Y R T L E said...

Thank you for this sweet sweet post! I just saw it today but you posted it on my birthday--what a treat! You look so great; I really love this shade on a blonde and the necklace is perfect with it <3

Lisa said...

You pretty little thing

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