Wednesday, October 9, 2013

I shall never tire

These snake rings push all my buttons. And just look at how warm and scuffed up the gold is. Like a perfectly worn in pair of jeans that you want to wear for twenty years in a row. If I put one of these on I dare say it would never come off. All of these come from Paris Hotel Boutique, a San Francisco based shop that sells (among other things) jewelry, vintage hotel silver (and copper pots from the Waldorf Astoria!) and art. I found this vintage French parade flag in their "sold" files and almost lost my marbles. And this 4' tall brass candleabra well, I really want to figure out a way to wear it. Could I fit in there somewhere among the brass foliage?

Images courtesy of Paris Hotel Boutique

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Anonymous said...

You really need to come out to Cali and visit. I have a British hallmarked 1890 snake ring that I wear every day. My husband purchased it for me from a UK antique shop for our 5th anniversary. I've had an eye on a few for our upcoming 10th anniversary. =) My current snake has a single diamond on the head and is coiled four times. I'll have to link you photo sometime.

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