Friday, October 8, 2010

The collection grows

We've chatted about my love for antique coin holders before. After mourning jewelry and buckle rings, I do believe coin cases take third place in the list of things that make me bonkers. Since our last visit on the topic, I've added a couple of pieces to my collection. They have different metals, shapes and capacities. The large piece is actually a vanity case, complete with a mirror, a bill or card clip, coin holders and a tiny compartment. The vanity case and the other silver-looking piece are marked "German Silver," which I recently learned is not silver at all but actually an alloy of copper, nickel and zinc. Anyway, if you are watching Antiques Roadshow in about 35 years and a white-haired lady wearing lots of old jewelry comes on with a sackful of these things, you can bet it is me. Especially if I'm all weepy.


labonnefemme1 said...

A great Collection!

samantha ramage said...

omg, i have never ever heard of a coin holder! these are amazing! love your collection! too bad coins don't buy anything anymore!


Unknown said...

I'm with Samantha, I've never seen anything like this before either! how awesome. I have an old coin collection, but had no idea these existed!

Kellie said...

Wow, these are so interesting!! I've never seen one of these before. In fact, I didn't even know these were a THING! I do have quite a lot of old coins lying around, though.

Wild Tea Party said...

I sincerely hope that Antiques Roadshow is still running in 35 years. It's insane how much I like it.... it can't be normal. I am loving that vanity case. Who needs a handbag when you've got that!

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