Saturday, October 30, 2010

Jean Jean trip | pins, brooches & clips

1. 1940s pavé set brooch 2. 1940s enamel and rhinestone crocus brooch
3. 1910s MISS BANKSON sash pin with rose cut glass feature
4. 1920s BODICE BUCKLE brooch 5. 1940s rhinestone belt buckle
6. 1940s CONSULATE DINNER bow brooch 7. 1960s half moon rhinestone brooch
8. 1930s brass and enamel lilac pin 9. 1940s CANNEBERGE dress clip
10. 1940s floppy bow brooch 11. 1890s French jet brooch

1. 1980s Mizpah thistle pin 2. 1940s black rhinestone starbust pin
3. 1940s Italian micro mosaic pin 4. 1930s ON THE VINE pine
5. 1950s brushed 12K G.F. pin 6. 1940s posey basket pin
7. 1920s rhodium plated filigree and glass pin
8. 1920s faceted glass pin 9. 1930s rhinestone medallion pin
10. 1920s filigree and glass bar pin 11. 1930s bakelite bow pin
12. 1940s sterling moon sliver pin 13. 1930s oval cut glass bar pin


Zohar said...

3, 5 and 11 are my favorite, but genearlly I just love brooches and earrings more than any other jewelry!

Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

Mmmmm, brooches! Love the moon brooch, the French jet, and the bakelite bow.

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