Monday, October 25, 2010

Jean Jean trip | lockets and pendants

1. 1930s engraved Bliss Brothers locket 2. 1960s memory locket
3. 1920s cameo locket 4. 1950s nouveau style locket
5. 1900s Wightman & Hough monogrammed locket 6. 1920s engraved locket
7. 1930s monogrammed escutcheon plate 8. 1920s monogrammed locket
9-13. 1930s-1950s gold filled heart lockets
14. 1940s "R.M.P." monogrammed oval locket 15. 1930s decorative oval locket
16. 1920s Finberg Manufacturing Co. locket with rhinestones
17. 1920s fob with faux goldstone and intaglio faces


Anne said...

OMG! My heart belongs to the Chips Ahoy locket!

Wild Tea Party said...

Oh my - the 20s cameo locket! I have such a soft spot for cameo lockets.

Unknown said...

loving the blue rhinestone

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

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RockRushIndia said...

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