Thursday, October 28, 2010

Jean Jean trip | miscellaneous

1. 1910s french paste and faceted glass sash ornament 2. 1920s rhinestone sash buckle
3. 1940s rhinestone hair combs 4. 1920s rhinestone and glass sash ornament
5. 1920s mesh and signet monogrammed "D.G." fob
6. 1920s retractable glasses reel chain 7. 1920s rhinestone sash buckle
8. 1920s ladies fancy fob and monogrammed "W.C." signet charm


lauren said...

i'll sing it again,
"star hair pins! star hair pins" want!

Wild Tea Party said...

Lol... I think Lauren might want those star pins...

Meanwhile that sash ornament is too awesome!

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