Friday, February 11, 2011

Come calling

Calling card cases are remnants of the tradition of paying calls around town. Turning down one or another corner of a calling card indicated the specific reason for the call - congratulations, condolences, etc. A folded top left corner signaled that the caller had come in person. This particular case is sweet because there is one last card inside for Mrs. Effie Coolidge, done in an elegant hand on lovely card stock. Mrs. Coolidge probably carried this case at the turn of the century. Wouldn't you love to have a personalized calling or business card case? I would!


hhi said...

wow i have never seen a case for calling cards! so amazing

Zohar said...

That is fabulous!! I carry my business cards in my wallet but this would be so much more stylish. And I love her name Effie - it's both fabulous and funny :)

lauren said...


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