Monday, February 14, 2011

A thankful heart

I'm so happy to be celebrating Valentine's Day with you this year. My heart is happier and fuller than ever and your readership and friendship is a big part of that - thank you! What are your plans today? I am going to buy myself a fancy coffee this afternoon and a bunch of these flowers for my office. There is a little flower shop that I pass every day on my way to the post office that I've been admiring for weeks - today I'm treating myself!


theticketytree said...

That heart locket is gorgeous :)
Ooo and a fancy coffee and flowers sounds wonderful - enjoy!

Maria Casteel said...

happy valentines to you duff! so glad to know you :)
those are some of my favorite flowers too.
i hope you have a wonderful day.

Anne said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Duff! I wish you were here!


Wild Tea Party said...

I hope you enjoy the coffee and the ranunculus! They're such gorgeous flowers.

Valentine's is over and done with here, but I still have a dozen red roses in my living room, a sickeningly good supply of chocolate and a new dress.

Happy Valentine's!

(Oh, and thanks for your lovely words on my cover debut - though 'famous' might be a stretch lol).

rebekah said...

ooh ranunculas, some of my favorites!!

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