Thursday, February 17, 2011

Put together

I always have jewelry parts lying about the office - lonely chains, clasps, and bails just waiting to come to the rescue of some piece of jewelry in need of slight repair. I was recently able to put a beautiful Art Deco earring bail to good use by pairing it with a beautiful aluminum and rhinestone pendant from Pinguim Vintage. I think they work very together very well! I wore the necklace along with my new favorite 1920s costume ring, found at the Alameda Point Antiques Fair a couple of weeks ago. I'm really loving light, dull metal (sometimes aluminum) jewelry and accessories like these lately.


theticketytree said...

Hi there. I love the ring and the necklace is especially gorgeous. And I love your photos, it's so difficult to show the details of small items, but you have done it beautifully. Toni x

Anonymous said...

Both really beautiful finds.

Liane said...

So beautiful and delicate! I love that both the ring and pendant have similar leaf shapes. You know Art Deco is my weakness.

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