Monday, February 7, 2011

May cause shortness of breath

I watched Gosford Park the other night for the first time. The 1930s costumes caused me severe shortness of breath for the duration of the film, with all the silky, pooling fabrics of the ladies' evening gowns, the plunging backs of the dresses, and the waved hair. And during the scene where Maggie Smith's character is ceremoniously putting on her jewelry before going down to dinner the first night, I made so much noise that Mr. Jean Jean had to ask me to keep it down.


Bess Georgette said...

Oh, I love period films and just like yourself, my man often asks me to keep my "oohs" and "aahs" down because he can't hear the movie! ;)

Surprisingly though, I'm yet to see Gosford Park. Something I shall have to fix!

- Teresa

Anonymous said...

One of my favourites! Robert Altman is the best! Another great film (not a period piece though) for fashion & accessories is "Laura" (with Gene Tierney...) -- Bonnie Cashin designed the costumes. So. good. (KW)

Sam said...

Absolutely a favorite! I have been saving it on my Netflix queue for a rainy, did you watch Downton Abbey on PBS? Written by the same guy and it's amazing. The costumes...oh, be still my heart! Also, plenty of Maggie Smith awesomeness!

Hosanna said...

I have not seen this one... I will have to check it out. Thank GOD for Netflix! Also.... Downton Abbey is AMAZING.

Emily said...

It's a beautiful film, isn't it. Another one that makes me think I was born in the wrong era!

hhi said...

ooh nice screencaps, the fingerwaves are killing me. i will have to watch the movie.
stop on by my blog; i named you for an award in my post this morning :)

Liane said...

This film brings back memories. I went to watch it in theaters when it came out originally. I was in high school and dragged a few friends along. Definitely not our usual type of movie, I just really wanted to see an Altman film. Not to mention, it looked gorgeous.

I remember being fixated on the kitchen and secret passageways and servants' quarters more than the clothes. They were beautiful, no doubt, I just didn't care much for "historical" clothing back then. I think I might need to watch this movie again sometime soon. I love movies like this where there is so much to glean from it, that you can come back multiple times and still find something new to appreciate.

Sounds like you enjoyed it!

Anonymous said...

I have to watch this again, I loved this movie!

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