Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pendleton pillows

I'm quite smitten with these handmade pillow covers from Little Byrd Vintage. They are made from vintage Pendleton wool.


lauren said...

oh i SO KNOW. i have no less than 3 of these in my favorites, i think they would go so well in my living room, and the look so cozy!

Anonymous said...

They are great! Sometimes you find a great pendleton blanket that has holes or is otherwise not useable as a blanket so this is a great alternative! Beautiful.

Katie said...

that is so awesome! they are so cute. what a great example of vintage "upcycling". i am a big fan of that!

Anonymous said...

Oh, those look so cozy!
I think I might just have to get myself one or two of those.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Duff!! So flattered to have been featured and am blushing just a little :)
Also, CONGRATS to you and Soren! I am so behind on blog reading and had no idea you are expecting. Woah and Yay!!

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