Thursday, May 19, 2011


Fabric and Handle
John & Mary
Scout & Catalogue
Hoakon Helga
Made by Hank
I am craving bags lately, the same way a person might crave a late night snack. Leather, canvas, ruffles, stripes, totes, clutches . . . they are all posing grave danger to my pocketbook. Here are a few bags that are calling my name right now. Which one is your favorite? You can click on the links to visit the shop in person, if you need a closer look!


Anonymous said...

Canvas toes make me think of the best days of summer, of warm sand and beaches and hikes into the woods for picnics. So, this is just the perfect collection to have me begging for warmer days!

Zohar said...

Beautiful selection! I'm already inlove with forestbound and Hoakon Helga but now you've introduced me to a couple more shop I want to explore :)

lauren said...

oh that's EASY, #2! two two two!

olygirl said...

I like the last bag! I need it for drinks out with the girls. ;) I'm craving sandals right now. I understand your "bag fever" perfectly. :)

PS. Are all of these etsy shops?

Jacqueline said...

I know that bag craving, and I used to indulge it frequently. My most recent bag purchase: a diaper bag. (Sounds frumpy, but it's actually a pretty sweet one.) An early reflection of bigger changes to come in my life, I think.

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