Monday, May 9, 2011

Somber is beautiful

1930s vintage molded glass Art Deco necklace
1900s Victorian pocket watch style locket with sepia photographs
1900s antique cut steel button earrings with ca. 1930s backings
1940s vintage glass drop earrings || 1930s vintage costume cocktail ring
1890s Victorian mourning locket with black enamel details
Today's Jean Jean shop update is inspired by Victorian mourning jewelry, which is to me the crème de la crème of antique jewelry. I love it. The simple equation is this: black + gold + old  = the most beautiful jewelry ever.  Add a dose of fin de siècle malaise, a photograph and lock of hair to that equation and my heart crumples. I hope you find these pieces as alluring as I do!


Wild Tea Party said...

Oh, that art deco necklace. It's divine and those cut steel earrings. Oh me oh my! Golly gosh I'm looking forward to this shop update!

lauren said...

always always always love. and i also love your monday color posts.

Zohar said...

I love this selection! I like that it's on the darker side :)

KristiMcMurry said...

amazing...simply amazing. I love ALL of these!

Anonymous said...

Always such a beautifully edited collection of jewelry! I just love the locket.

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