Wednesday, May 18, 2011

There's fuzzies in there!

This is the most unusual necklace I've ever stocked in the shop - never seen before, probably never to be seen again - but it was too interesting to pass up. It is a 1930s celluloid and glass ball necklace. Normally, the balls are empty but in this case they are stuffed with fuzzy green bits! Whoah! This is a conversation piece if I've ever seen one. Here's how the dialog might go:

Person: "Wow! I really love your necklace!"
You: "Thank you!"
Person: "Hey, wait - what's inside there?"
You: "Bright green fuzzies from the 1930s!"
Person: "Wow! You are the coolest and most stylish person I have ever met."

Also, here is the yellow twin of this necklace just in case you want a pair of them!


Wild Tea Party said...

AH MAN!!!! Can I wear this and have exactly that conversation with a person?

Zohar said...

That is awesome!!! And I also really love the somewhat chunky chain.

Wildfell Hall Vintage said...

hey yeah the fuzzies are weird! I see these necklaces sometimes but def' no fuzzies, I will now see if I can spot another I can't stop saying fuzzy...

Katie said...

fuzzies, really? wow, that is so!!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha, definitely unusual.

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