Tuesday, May 17, 2011

An afternoon visit

Last Saturday Soren and I spent the afternoon with some family friends who live in the area. Their names are Wim and Gianna and they have the best love story I've ever heard. They met on a boat crossing the Atlantic Ocean from New York to Rotterdam in 1954 - Vim returning to the Netherlands from from Air Force training in Canada and Gianna returning to Italy to visit her grandmother. And that's not even the most romantic part! Maybe someday I can tell you their whole story here . . . anyway, they are a wonderful couple and we enjoyed a day of leisurely lunching (cheese, homemade rolls, tomato salad, fresh greens from their garden), visiting and looking at family photographs.

Pants and top || H&M hand-me-downs
Shoes || Lewré
Ring || 1940s glass and sterling ring
Earrings || 1930s Art Deco rhinestone drop earrings (saved from the drain)
Pin || 1910s rhinestone jabot pin


Wild Tea Party said...

I love that you still look so laid back in rhinestones! Those earrings are something else. I'm jealous. And I would love to hear the rest of Vim and Gianna's story!

lauren said...

you look like such a totally gorgeous WOMAN. i love it.

Maria Casteel said...

i agree with lauren, you look stunning! that top is perfect on you. and the pin is perfect on the top.

Zohar said...

That ring is so stunning :)

Anonymous said...

Very cute shirt! I'd love to hear the story as well.

No Carnations said...

Gorgeous! I like how the light filtering through the trees has made small heart shapes of sunshine on you!

LaFemmeAnkita said...

love love love

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