Thursday, April 14, 2011

A little game

One of my favorite parts of having Jean Jean Vintage is all of the jewelry research I get to do. I've got two big piles of reference books (almost two dozen now!) next to my desk and I love trying to figure out the mystery of a jeweler's mark, the dating of a transitional piece, or the name for a particular type of faceting. It fulfills the graduate student in me.

Sometimes, though, there are things that you can't find in books. Like the symbols on this bracelet I found last week. I had fun figuring out what they mean and I thought you might, too. If you want to play this sleuthing game, here are the rules: Send me a note via the Say Hello tab on this blog properly identifying the six enamel charms on the bracelet and you'll be entered to win a coupon for 15% off your next order in the shop. The game lasts 24 hours. I'll announce the winner in this post!

Update ||  These charms are European road signs, probably ca. 1940s-1950s,  counter clockwise: Parking, No Parking, Dangerous bend/curve, Gated level crossing/railroad, Crossroads, No waiting/parking. Everyone did a great job but the official winner is Anneke! Thank you for playing!


Wild Tea Party said...

Completed! (I think?)

Thanks for a Thursday night game.

Alexis E. said...

Hooray, completed I hope. Best of luck to everyone.

De Petites Merveilles said...

Hi! I'd love to know which books you use for your jewelry research. Would you mind doing a post on it? Please pretty please....

Alexis E. said...

That was a fun game. I have a sterling silver charm bracelet circa 1950 that I purchased in the UK. It's SO similar to this one, but not exactly the same.

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