Sunday, October 24, 2010

Going for broke

Just for fun (and because I like staging these photos) I want to show you some of the Jean Jean jewelry I acquired this past week. Some things are already in the shop and the rest are headed there soon enough. If you have sizing/pricing questions about anything in the previews, please leave me a comment with your email or convo me in the shop! Here's the preview schedule for the week :

Monday | lockets and pendants ✦ Tuesday | rings ✦ Wednesday | necklaces
✦ Thursday | miscellaneous ✦Friday | earrings
✦ Saturday | pins, brooches and clips ✦ Sunday | trip pics


lauren said...

star hairpins, star hairpins mine mine mine!!!

2nd ring from left in last photo, the celedon one, mine mine mine!

i am so happy i am coming over soon. so happy! i want to see these puppies in person so badly!

Maria Casteel said...

well, if the celadon ring doesn't fit lauren, i'd like to try it! its so gorgeous!
i can't believe all that you found. i'm so happy for you! beautiful things.

Wild Tea Party said...

Duff... wait, sorry, I'm just wiping the drool off my chin..... These are ahmazing! (with a 'h' cause it's that awesome).

Can I just buy all of it, especially that awesome blue ring second from the right in the last photo... and yeah, just all of it...

Amanda / Rust Belt Threads said... many pretties!

Yonder said...

These photos are amazing. I might just have to buy the large locket in the top row from you!!

Zohar said...

Oh my goodness - seems like you struck gold!! I really like the small green brooch in the first photo. I also like the golden brooch with the red ruby in the second brooch page :)

A Wild Tonic said...

So so so so so gorgeous!

Bombshell Bettie said...

WOW such amazing finds! I'm curious about the little half moon shaped pin in the lower right of the first picture. I think i may have picked up a pin similar to it this weekend and I was hoping to find out more info about it.

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