Thursday, May 26, 2011

"An elegant hoe-down"


Today's outfit post features my dear friend Katrina, who recently got gussied up to attend an auction in the Bay Area. Now, I've known Kat since college and she is easily the most elegant woman that I know - she could have worn a flannel jumpsuit to the soirée and still turned heads. Nonetheless, we decided to fix her up with some vintage rhinestone jewelry to go with the "elegant hoe-down" theme of the event. I think the result was quite lovely. Oh, and did I mention that Kat has the most beautiful hair in the world? She is the official hair model of Jean Jean Vintage.

jeans || Paige Premium Demin
shirt || JCrew
boots || borrowed from moi
necklace || 1930s pot metal and rhinestone necklace, thrifted
bracelet || 1930s Trifari Art Deco bracelet, available here
buckle || 1920s Edwardian style rhinestone sash buckle, in the shop today
ring || I really have no idea. I bought it an an estate sale about two years ago. Thoughts?


Anonymous said...

What a darling friend! I love the look. Oh, and I love the ring which is not a surprise coming from my mouth! =P

Wild Tea Party said...

That rhinestone necklace is fabulous! Katrina looks great all blinged up and she does have lovely hair! Speaking of, I wore the summer fete hair clip the other day - there's a piccie on my blog.

steph.kelley said...

How did I never see this post!? Wonderful! You two are the loveliest ladies. xoxoxo

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